IISS de Ruggieri is an upper  secondary school  founded in 1967, open to the community  and ready to host lectures, meetings, sports events and provided with a large web- connected  auditorium, a gym, with up-to date Information laboratories.
The school functions in the Ionian costal area, naturally destined to agriculture and tourism, but politically chosen in the 60s as the site of the biggest steel production industry.  Our institution aims at cooperating with the local policy makers and authorities in order to give a European educational contribution to the measures being taken at local, regional and national level.
Our school has been involved in about 15 Socrates, Comenius and LLP European projects since 2001. Furthermore for five years our school was twinned with a German school in Nagold.

It is 10 years since De Ruggieri school has been twinned with one of the 12 schools (Progetto Russia) in Moscow being involved in a cultural net and regular exchanges are organized. Integral part of this project is a Russian language course offered to our students.

Language courses (English, French and Spanish) are also organized aiming at getting an international certification and stages in the UK and in Ireland are held as a reinforcement of language competences.