S.S.O.U Vocational school "Kiro Burnaz" Kumanovo – MACEDONIA

S.S.O.U Vocational school “Kiro Burnaz” Kumanovo was established in 1945 and to this day forms the personnel in the field of agricultural manufactory. The central building is located in the village Dolno Konjare and has 13 classrooms, 2 labs, 6 cabinets, a school workshop, a library, and stables for domestic animals, beehives, a botanical garden and 28 hectares of farmland for implementation of practical teaching.
The school program is attended by 500 students. Currently the school program is implemented in 4 branches and 9 educational profiles, including:

  • Agriculture- veterinary profession with 3 educational profiles (farming technician, agricultural management technician, veterinary technician)
  • Chemical technology profession with three educational profiles (a food technician
  • Nutritionist and baker
  • Machinist profession with 1 educational profile (Auto-technician –mechatronic)
  • Personal services with 2 educational profiles (cosmetic technician and hairdresser)

Our school provides solid professional education to its students, skills and practice in each separate profile which leads to solid ground for starting a career: opening their own bakeries, restaurants, candy shops, beautician’s and hairdresser’s.