Liceul Teoretic „Petre Pandrea” - ROMANIA

Liceul Teoretic „Petre Pandrea” was founded in 1953, being the school that continues the old tradition of education in the town Bals, where other two high schools and several general schools appeared. Over the years, our institution has had different profiles and specializations on the Science-humanities but also industrial side.
Since 1990, the high school has had a theoretical profile.
Through the opportunities we create, through the standards we have proposed, through the results, Liceul Teoretic “Petre Pandrea” is a school with notable performance:
– it set up the first Documentation and Information Center for pupils and teachers;
– it was the first in the county to participate in the international programmes Socrates, then LLP and now Erasmus +, having, so far, carried out 11 international projects with schools and institutions from 15 European countries, involving more than 780 pupils in primary, secondary and high-school levels;
– nine teachers have developed their professional skills in European institutions by participating in continuous training scholarships;
– it won the first in Olt County the status of European School in 2008 in the national competition organized by the Ministry of Education;
– it established Gaudeamus Association the first legal entity that had parental support for school activities;
– it collaborated for the first time with the American Peace Corps volunteers who taught English classes to our students and helped to set up the first English Language Cabinet.

Seeking to be more effective, the teachers at Liceul Teoretic “Petre Pandrea” also perform activities for students with very good academic results. Thus, pupils in primary education are trained through classroom classes, in thematic circles,creating a supportive environment for performance, which continues at middle school and then high school levels. Behind the performance is a tenacious work coordinated by the teachers in our high school.

More than 50 students awarded at the national phases of the school competitions and Olympiads, holders of scholarships of excellence in the school year 2018-2019, in different disciplines, also place us this year in the top of the schools in Olt County.
We believe that extracurricular activities aim at developing the students’ intellect, certain skills, and to make them as diverse as possible.
Thus, the pupils are invited to take part in various recreational activities, but also to stimulate them intellectually, to help them discover and experience new practices.
Among these we mention:
The multimedia team – composed of high school and middle school students organized in three sections: reportage, photo-video and ICT, and actively participates in the e-journal of the school, the maintenance of the high school website and also in extracurricular activities.
Every year there is a charity show: “A Night of Christmas!”
The Chess Club is aimed mainly at primary and lower secondary school students.
The Let’s Do It Romania programme – this year volunteers from Liceul Teoretic „Petre Pandrea” (students and teachers) joined the whole country participating in the National Day of Cleaning.
National Programme ”Scoala Altfel” – a week where many activities are organized on thematic days:
We want our pupils to have the best career counseling, so an extraordinarily important place for the extra-curricular activities is the Forum of Crafts, where students can benefit from the experience of people with outstanding results in the field in which they work.
The National Community Action Strategy – changing people’s mentality is becoming more important in the current period. People learn to identify their problems and ways to solve them, learn to live in and through the community as an integral part of it. That is why, through this program, we also want to develop the ability of students to live together with others in an united and solidarity community.

The programme “Ambassador Schools of the European Parliament”
Liceul Teoretic ”Petre Pandrea” was selected in the 2017-2018 school year to participate in the second edition of the ”Ambassador School of the European Parliament”, organized by the Information Office of the European Parliament and the Ministry of National Education, together with 25 schools and high schools from all over the country.
The activities of the program were organized by a team of 5 senior ambassadors (teachers) and 15 junior student ambassadors. They have carried out intense information campaigns about the EU in both school and community, have highlighted important events in Romania’s history and those celebrated at European level.
As a result of the activities of Liceul Teoretic “Petre Pandrea”, we received the title of ”Ambasador School Of The European Parliment”, being ranked first in the ranking of the 25 participating schools.

Liceul Teoretic “Petre Pandrea” celebrated in the fall of 2018 its 65th anniversary, being for our students the place where they obtain development directions, not just information, the framework that offers them the prospect, the support for everyone to end up where they want.