IES Teobaldo Power is located in Santa Cruz, the administrative capital of the Island of Tenerife. It is a state, mixed, secular and democratic High School. There are 805 students, distributed into 29 groups, and 62 teachers. It teaches ESO (Compulsory Education) and Bachillerato (post-obligatory education).

IES Teobaldo Power teaches general subjects on the Spanish Curriculum in ESO as well as Bachillerato. At present, it is involved in CLIL project, so some subjects are partly taught in English.

The high-school participates in different programs related to the care of the environment, reading plan, school radio and chess. It is also involved in an integration project under the name of “equal and better”, whose main objective is to develop measures that favor equal opportunities for all our students, improving academic performance and school success, reducing absenteeism.